Turkey’s Political Landscape Under Erdogan’s Leadership

Turkey has received much too much negative attention in recent years. Political unrest, economic instability, and hostilities with its allies have plagued the nation. Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president since 2003, is at the epicenter of it all. Authoritarianism, economic expansion, and religious conservatism have all been characteristics of his rule. But as his hold on power grew tighter, Turkey’s democracy weakened and he lost support.

Rise to Power

When he was Istanbul’s mayor in the 1990s, his political career started. eventually, in 2001, he established the Justice and Development Party (AKP), which he eventually used as a platform to win the 2003 election for prime minister. He was viewed as a reformer who would modernise Turkey and bring it closer to Europe during his early years in power. He carried out a number of economic measures that promoted stability and growth in the nation.

Erdogan’s Controversial Policies

He did start enacting increasingly autocratic tactics as his authority grew, though, as he did so. He incarcerated political opponents, repressed the media, and imposed restrictions on free expression. He aimed to project Turkish power throughout the Middle East and beyond, which resulted in an aggressive foreign policy. He is charged with fostering regional instability and providing support to extremist organisations.

Popularity Wanes

His popularity has declined as a result of his increasingly divisive policies. With rising unemployment, inflation, and debt levels, the Turkish economy has had difficulty recently. His approval ratings have plunged as a result of his inability to resolve these issues successfully. Additionally, he has had to deal with an expanding opposition movement that has been stoked by his dictatorial tactics and polarising speech.


His health has been the subject of rumours recently. He seemed to stumble at a prayer service in 2019, which raised the possibility that he had experienced a heart attack. These rumours were refuted by his staff, though, and he labelled them “slander.” Although his specific health status is unknown, there are worries that his advanced age and the demands of his position may be having an adverse effect on him.

Erdogan and the Russian-Built Nuclear Plant

His choice to open a nuclear power plant in Turkey built by Russia has generated additional controversy. Environmentalists and some politicians have opposed the long-planned project because they are concerned about Turkey’s reliance on Russia for its energy needs. He has defended the project, claiming that it will lessen Turkey’s dependency on foreign energy supplies while helping to satisfy the country’s rising energy demands.

Erdogan’s Election

2023 is the scheduled year for his subsequent election. There are worries, meanwhile, that he would attempt to rig the election or postpone it. As his administration has cracked down on critics and restricted free expression, Turkey’s democracy has come under threat. Whether Turkey’s democratic institutions can resist its hold on power will be determined by the upcoming election.

Turkey's Political Landscape Under Erdogan's Leadership

President Erdogan is at the centre of a complicated and dynamic political environment in Turkey. Despite almost two decades in office, his future seems unreliable. His authoritarianism is wearing thin on the Turkish populace, and the instability his policies are fostering on the political and economic fronts. It will be interesting to watch if he can cling to power despite the mounting resistance.


Did Erdogan have a heart attack?

There have been rumors about his health in recent years, including speculation that he suffered a heart attack in 2019. However, these rumors have been denied by his aides, and he dismissed them as “slander.”

Will Turkey’s Erdogan unveil a Russian-built nuclear plant?

He has announced plans to unveil a Russian-built nuclear plant in Turkey. The project has faced opposition from environmentalists and some politicians, but he has defended it as necessary to meet Turkey’s energy demands.

What time did Erdogan attend a nuclear plant event?

There is no specific information on the time of his attendance at a nuclear plant event.

What are the challenges facing Erdogan’s leadership?

His leadership is facing numerous challenges, including economic instability, political turmoil, and tensions with Turkey’s allies. In addition, his authoritarian policies and divisive rhetoric have led to growing opposition to his rule.

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