Understanding Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Controversial Remarks on Fox News Settlement

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a divisive congresswoman from Georgia, recently made headlines because of a comment she made that was incorrect about Fox News’ $10 million settlement with the family of a murder victim. Insensitive comments Greene made when discussing the settlement on the Tucker Carlson Show incited outcry on social media.

Who is Marjorie Taylor Greene?

She represents Georgia’s 14th congressional district as a Republican. Greene has made news numerous times for her contentious remarks and deeds, such as her advocacy of violence against Democrats, her support for the QAnon conspiracy theory, and her disbelief of the validity of the 2020 presidential election.

Fox News $10 Million Settlement

Fox News and the family of Seth Rich, a former DNC employee who was killed in 2016, came to an agreement in November 2021. The network alleged that Rich was slain as a result of falsely alleging that he had given WikiLeaks access to DNC emails. Rich’s family sued Fox News for mental distress brought on by the network’s reporting after these assertions were proven false.

Fox News paid $10 million to settle the lawsuit, although some of the network’s stars criticised the decision. One of those figures was Tucker Carlson, who spoke with Marjorie Taylor Greene about the settlement on his show.

Greene’s Controversial Statement

Carlson criticised the settlement and asserted that it was an effort to “silence” Fox News during the broadcast. Then Marjorie Taylor Greene said something that provoked criticism on social media. I guess I should go hire someone to kill someone because then I’ll get a $10 million payoff, she remarked.

Her words were widely perceived as endorsing murder for financial gain, which immediately drew condemnation from individuals of all political stripes. Later, Greene’s office released a statement claiming that her remarks had been misinterpreted and that she had not advocated for violence.

The Aftermath

Marjorie Taylor Greene received harsh criticism for her remarks following the incident. She received numerous resignation requests from both Democrats and Republicans, and some even demanded that she be ejected from the House of Representatives.

Greene wouldn’t back down, though, and defended her remarks online. She claimed that the media had misrepresented her comments and that she was only bringing out the unfairness of the deal.


What did Marjorie Taylor Greene say about the Fox News settlement?

She said, “I guess I need to go hire somebody to murder someone because then I’ll get a $10 million payout.”

What was Fox News’ settlement with the family of Seth Rich?

Fox News settled a lawsuit with the family of Seth Rich for $10 million. The family sued the network for emotional distress caused by its false reporting that Rich had leaked DNC emails to WikiLeaks.

Why did Marjorie Taylor Greene face criticism for her comments?

Many people interpreted her comments as an endorsement of violence for financial gain, which sparked widespread condemnation from both Democrats and Republicans.

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