Dairy Queen’s Free Cone Day 2023: Don’t Miss Out!

What better way to celebrate the impending arrival of summer than with free ice cream? Yes, Dairy Queen is offering a free cone of its renowned soft-serve ice cream as part of its annual Free Cone Day celebration.

Free Cone Day

Customers can receive a free small vanilla soft-serve cone at participating stores on Dairy Queen’s annual Free Cone Day. The occasion normally occurs in the spring, typically around March, to introduce the ice cream season. Free Cone Day will be held on March 20th of this year.

How to Get Your Free Cone

It’s simple to claim your free cone. Simply show up on March 20 at a participating Dairy Queen location and request your complimentary small vanilla soft serve cone. There is no requirement to make a purchase, and the quantity of complimentary cones is unlimited. Nonetheless, given how well-attended this event is, be ready to wait in line.

Flavours Available

The complimentary cone is only offered in vanilla, but you may buy a selection of other Flavours at Dairy Queen. These Flavours include peanut butter, chocolate, strawberry, Oreo, and many others. For an additional special treat, you can even get your cone topped with sprinkles or chocolate dipped.

Fun Facts About Dairy Queen’s Soft Serve

Soft-serve ice cream from Dairy Queen is a favourite among ice cream enthusiasts. Here are some interesting details regarding this delectable snack:

  • Soft serve from Dairy Queen has a thick and creamy texture since it is created with real milk and cream.
  • Since 1940, a secret recipe has been used to create the vanilla soft serve.
  • Compared to most other soft serve ice creams, Dairy Queen’s soft serve is served at a temperature of about 18 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Soft serve from Dairy Queen is offered in more than 4,600 locations throughout the world.

    Why You Should Celebrate Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen

    There are numerous benefits to celebrating Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen if you enjoy ice cream. Here are a few examples:

    • It’s a wonderful way to begin ice cream season and get pumped up for summer.
    • It’s a great chance to socialize with loved ones and enjoy a delectable treat.
    • It’s a fantastic chance to sample the renowned soft serve of Dairy Queen for nothing.

    Advice on How to Enjoy Your Free Cone

    Here are some suggestions for maximizing your complimentary cone:

    • To avoid the throng, arrive early.
    • You might need to wait in line outside, so dress appropriately for the weather.
    • Bring your family and friends to enjoy the experience together.
    • Make your cone even more delectable by experimenting with different tastes or toppings.

    Dairy Queen’s Free Cone Day is a delightful and enjoyable way to mark the beginning of the ice cream season. You won’t want to miss this yearly event, whether you’ve been a longtime lover of Dairy Queen’s soft serve or are just sampling it for the first time. So make a note of March 20th on your calendar and visit your neighbourhood Dairy Queen to take advantage of your complimentary small vanilla soft serve cone.


    1. What is Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen?
    • Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen is an annual event where customers can get a free small vanilla soft-serve cone at participating locations.
    1. When is Free Cone Day at Dairy Queen?
    • Free Cone Day typically takes place in the spring, usually in March. This year, Free Cone Day is on March 20th.
    1. Do I have to make a purchase to get a free cone?
    • No, you do not have to make a purchase to get your free small vanilla soft-serve cone.
    1. Can I get more than one free cone?
    • Yes, there is no limit to the number of free cones you can get.
    1. What other flavours are available at Dairy Queen?
    • Dairy Queen offers a wide variety of flavours, including chocolate, strawberry, Oreo, peanut butter, and more. You can also get your cone dipped in chocolate or covered in sprinkles for an extra special treat.

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