Shaq hospitalized: confirmed by photo

Shaquille O’Neal shocked basketball fans and sports fans alike when he shared a picture of himself on social media wearing a medical robe. The legendary basketball player may have undergone surgery, according to rumours. O’Neal’s representatives acknowledged that he had undergone hip surgery a few days later.

Former professional basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, also known as Shaq, played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, and Phoenix Suns. He is regarded as one of the best NBA players in the sport’s history and has garnered countless honors, including four NBA titles.

Following the publication of a hospital photo, Shaquille O’Neal’s hip surgery was verified. In order to treat his persistent hip pain, he underwent partial hip replacement surgery. It is anticipated that he would go through a period of rehabilitation to help with his recuperation even if his officials have not given a particular timetable. Shaq is expected to fully recover with the right attention and care and be able to go back to his regular activities pain-free. Hip surgery is a frequent treatment, and while there are hazards involved, these risks can be reduced with appropriate medical attention.

Maintaining a healthy weight and doing activities that strengthen the hip joint are two other preventive measures that should be taken to avoid hip pain. Fans can anticipate seeing Shaq in the future because of the operation because it may enable him to be more active and stay involved in sports.

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